Sunday, March 17, 2013



I am bulimic in remission. 
A drug and alcohol addict in remission.
A people pleaser in remission. 
A consumer in remission.
I am re-entering contact with humans because we all have something to offer.
There is a higher source of knowing.
And humans have good hearts.

Do you know why all this exists for me?

Because I choose to believe.

I don't need to prove any of this to anyone. I used to think that somehow I needed to construct, prove and maybe defend a position before I could believe in it. Now, more than ever in my life, I just choose to believe. 

Looking back in history, mine and the planet's, I realized that most anyone who has made a difference has made the choice to believe in something.

Now you may say "Shit, that's the problem, all these different people and all the belief systems and no one is able to get along! It's why the world sucks."

There is nothing to prove to anyone. I don't have to become embroiled in proving anything. Silence really is golden when it comes to what I choose to believe in. It isn't that we choose to believe, it's that we are so insecure that we need to convince others to believe in the same thing in order to feel confident about ourselves. I don't have a "Castle of beliefs." surrounded by a moat anymore. I choose to believe I don't need one.

What I choose to believe in is my choice. Why would I want to defend it?

Choosing to believe is different than just believing. We believe in lots of stuff because we are conditioned to believe in it. We never made the choice, we just had it implanted when we were young by other people who had it implanted when they were young and so on for thousands of years.

Yesterday I met some friends to have coffee. As I sat and listened the conversation turned into an argument concerning martial arts and which one was the "Best." And as usual everyone was defending their "'Castle of beliefs." One of my friends asked me what I thought. I told her the "Best" martial art is the one you train in.
My "belief" is that you choose a martial art you are comfortable with and train. That's it.

 Everyone went back to arguing.

What we choose to believe in reflects the quality of our lives. Notice that I am reflecting the idea of choice, again not the ingrained belief systems that society fertilized us with, but what we made choices about believing. (Fertilize was a precise choice of words.)

You can choose to believe in your remission.
You can choose to believe in your success.
You can choose to believe in today and tomorrow.
You can choose to believe you belong here.
You can choose to believe in love.
You can choose to believe in caring.
You can choose to believe in compassion.

You can choose to believe in yourself, your uniqueness, your abilities, your path, your heart, mind, and take that belief in to your awareness and  soar.

Query: What in you life do you choose to believe in?

Love, Bryan

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