Monday, January 20, 2014

Meditation: Get Started Now

I think many folks get scared when it comes to attempting a "meditation" practice. I mean there are so many different types of meditation. So many forms and teachers. It is a little intimidating.

Then of course there are all the bells and whistles that go with it.
Wrist beads.
Meditation Halls
And of course only certain people can "teach" meditation.
Really? It's that complicated? And all this special stuff has amounted to what over several thousand years?
Just meditation.
Use it if ritual works and you have taken the time to develop one.
I sit on a mat. I have an alter. I burn incense. Not for any other reason than I like it.
But I also meditate when I stuck in line at the Post Office.

And what type to practice?
The west has more contemplative meditative practices than you may think. Almost every religion has some form of meditation imbedded in it.
Because Meditation works.
You can really see how you process if you confine you mind to a place where you can observe it.
If you are quiet and stay still the mind has no where to hide so it's just you and it.
And you may ask who is "you?"

Have you noticed that there is a presence that watches while everything else in the universe goes on.
It watches your thoughts.
It watches you when you are acting out.
It watches you no matter what your emotional status happens to be.

It is you without all the noise.
It is the one that your mind call "You" when the thought "you shouldn't have done that" comes to mind. What other person could your mind be talking too?

I love to meditate.
I love it because I am not trying to get anywhere with it except know myself and how my processes work.
What my fears are based on.
What my happiness is based on.
On how process is different from content emotionally.

So here is my suggestion.
If you want to start meditating go ahead.
Find some time.
Any amount will do.
And be still.
And listen to what happens when you notice your own thoughts racing along.
It is a good start.
Don't over complicate or let someone tell you that there are "special ways" to meditate.
There are hundreds of ways to meditate my friends.
There is only one you.
In Loving Kindness