Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time and the Buddha Clock


I have always found time fascinating.

And the idea that we are all given a certain amount. Perspective about time is really important. I have done some work with end stage cancer patients and they all became critically aware of time.

Do any of us live our lives in the knowing that we have a limited amount of time?

Do we wait too long before:

Taking that time for ourselves
Writing that book we wanted to write
Learning to play an instrument 
Telling someone we care for no other reason than we do
Making contact with that someone from the past we can't stop thinking about
Getting that pet 
Eating well
Taking a class.
Going somewhere just for the heck of it.
Reading that one book we wanted to read.
Giving hugs.
Cleaning that room or the desk.
Writing a real letter to that person we always needed too.
Donating a few minutes a week somewhere to be of service.
Sitting in the sun.
Sitting under the moon.
Looking through a microscope.
Looking through a telescope.
Attending a play.
Hearing live music. 
Crying for no reason.
Laughing for the same.

And more.

We only have so much time. How are we using our time? Not how we spend it. It's not ours to spend.
It is ours to use.
Until we can't.

Take a minute today and think about your time.
Use some to enhance your life.
Every day.

Keep going for as long as you can.