Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Hourglass and Meditation.


     We are in the middle of starting to do video blogs and honestly I can't imagine learning more stuff than I ever thought I wanted to learn. But it's also pretty cool and fun.

     In the meantime some friends asked me to explain the "Hourglass" I use in meditation and remission classes so here it goes.

     Take an hourglass and some imagination and, at least in my case, it becomes my entire universe of time and the moment. I use a three tiered hourglass I recieved as a present several years ago. Any hourglass provides the framework for the concept.

     The sand at the top represents the time we have. We don't know how much time is left and cannot actually foretell the amount. We all have a different amount of time. So it's pretty much an unknown to us all.

     The sand in the bottom chamber is the time "passed." We have some idea of how much this is but again it's not real important to the here and now and what we do next.

     Most of us spend way too much time in the future and past. Oddly enough both of those areas are pretty much unknowns and at best pretty foggy and vague. The past because we, or should I say I, rarely remember what happened with any real accuracy. Much of what we "remember" from the past is edited to a large degree. Just sit in when families are talking about past events. Everyone has a slightly different story about what happened. We are all different in the process of how and what we remember.

     So now we address the area I fell in love with. The middle area where the time and our lives meets. In the entire universe and space-time the narrow point is where we are in this second. Does time pass us rr do we pass through time? Or do we move at the same moment? No idea myself. But I like the questions.

     People who are in remission are very concerned about the present and past. They do the best they can to live with memories of what they have done and hopes about what can happen in the future. My focus is on right now. Here's why.

     If I don't like my past I know for a fact that I can build a new past. I can build it right now this second. What I do right now is my new past. I can build it anyway I want in this second.

     The same idea applies to my future. Right now is my future. What I do is connected to what I am going to do next. So staying right here is a vital thing in my life.

     The entire universe is only happening this second. Anything that's going to change is going to change right now. Any influence you have will happen right now. What I think is the past are my thoughts right now. What I think is the future is simply my thoughts right now. After this second life becomes a "memory.' But in truth that's only a human concept. The future and past and now are all one thing. The same hourglass and the same never ending now.

     It is a simple concept and like most simple concepts are first response is "I know that." And we may know that. Concepts are fun. Here is the real thing. Can we live like this? Can we live in the moment and thus build a new future and past? I really think it's a powerful way to live.

     All comments, thoughts, and suggestions are always welcome!

     We are working on the video and hopefully we can upload on YouTube soon!