Thursday, August 15, 2013

Drug/Food addiction and being Different.


It's been a little while.   Thank you everyone who has e-mailed me. Appreciate it.

Today I want to discuss being different.

Everyone who enters some sort of remission/recovery experiences how different they are from other people. A lot of us started using drugs and/or food addictions because we really felt different from others in the first place.

Painful but true.

As a counselor I never talked to anyone for any length of time without the subject of feeling different rising to the surface.

What if you are different due to physiological or psychological differences from others?

Good. Celebrate that.

No one on this planet has ever made a difference from the inside of the norm. Only the outsiders and people who were brave enough to celebrate being different have made a difference.

See. We need people who are not in the "box." We need people who don't see like everyone else. We need people who are brave enough to take on the task of being different.

We are different, not damaged. 

Why do we feel different? We are all somewhat alike but in reality we are all centered from our own perceptive field. In other words we are the center of our universe. And. We are somewhat isolated in that field. So we never really "know" another person. We can take our best shot at it through shared experience but that's about as good as it gets.

All this leads to a sense of isolation.

And being different.

You are the only you. As far as we know the only you that will ever exist in the entire universe. My suggestion is to celebrate that.

Now if you have already realized that and are celebrating the difference you are probably going to really feel outside. Go ahead. Keep going. No one ever explored the boundaries of society and culture without being able to put up with the feelings of being alone.

Feeling lonely is part of the price of having a perspective that no one else will ever have.

You can change the world from that position.

Thank you Heather. Be strong and keep going.

In Loving Kindness.