Wednesday, May 29, 2013

30 second lover, recovery, and cancer


I hate myself a lot.

Don't really know why.


Today taught me something about me.

Stopped for gas.

And there was a female who stopped next to me to get gas too.

She was the proverbial blond.

Wearing this Short lime green dress that was light and airy.

She had studs in her lips.

And big sunglasses.

She went in to the store.

And went out before me.

I decided, as I do sometimes to take this social risk. ( After all I have had ECT )


Went up to her, and letting her know that I wasn't hitting on her, told her she was a very attractive person.

I was backing up when she starting crying.

And said that was the second best thing she had heard today.

Suspected cancer.

That was negative.

She was shaking.


Shook my hand and then gave me a hug.

Total stranger.

I told her to live a good life.

We don't get many first or second chances.

Or even one.

Since as crazy as I am I do visit graveyards.

And see.

Babies graves.

I am in love with my 30 second friend.

Love, Bryan