Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spirituality and Armor of the Heart.

Armor of the Heart.
We all have it. It comes with our conditioning.
We try to protect ourselves from the world as we see it.
We really spend so much time trying to be safe don't we?
And hoping to find someone who has all the answers.
No one does.
And if we find someone or some system that seems to have the answers
we immediately add it to our armor and use it to defend ourselves. 
What happens is this creates a filter that doesn't allow us to feel much of anything.
Going in or going out.
Safe = Numb
We stop living our lives and stay safe in all that armor.
We fear being hurt.
Yet if you look closely we get hurt anyway.
It's not really Armor after all.
It's a cloaking device.
It does nothing really.
If I show you who I am what are you going to do with it?
Tell someone?
Make fun of?
You can do that.
All that says nothing about me and everything about you.
Just for today.
Try to soften the heart, let life in and out, let your heart breath.
And in the end
It will only matter to  you.
In Loving Kindness