Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spirituality and Conditioning


     I came back this week from a Cheri Huber workshop. The title had something to do with "Having it all" although what I have experienced is that Cheri's main focus is conditioning and projection. This was a most excellent workshop and, as usual, I received a lot more than I gave.

     I wonder how my life would be if I hadn't come in contact with Cheri's material and view of how human interaction and behavior is influenced by our conditioning? I always had the feeling that there was "something wrong" but never really had a concrete way to express it until I read "There is Nothing Wrong With You." READ IT. The book will open new visions and ways to view the world and your place within it.

     We are so conditioned. We are conditioned to not notice our conditioning. If you are a person who follows a particular path it might be interesting to take a look at how you arrived at your path. What were your influences? Social and cultural. What were the psychological drives that actually pushed you to pursue your interest? Many times what we see is that we are simply moving along a predetermined path with no original interest of our own. Simply driven by family and peer action that could be positive or negative but none the less conditioned.

     The point is that we have been conditioned for thousands of years. In ways that we find very difficult to admit or attempt to change.

     So what is my point in this? The point is that if you are following a path that your were conditioned to follow how do validate it as genuine? If you take the time to remove both the conditioning and it's actions what's left? Ask yourself what would happen if I started without the influence of being conditioned? What path would I follow?

     Am I just following someone in a conditioned mode? Do I have even a single thought about my path that is mine alone?

     In fact if you are up to it find some books on Critical Thinking and start to take a look at how seriously conditioning affects your thoughts, behaviors, concepts, purchases, direction, prejudice, likes, dislikes, and who you affiliate with in your daily life. Start making an attempt to resolve the basic ones. Like the conditioning that keeps you trapped listening to critical thoughts in your own mind.

     Interesting Stuff. will be a good place to start with finding out more about Cheri.

"Critical Thinking" by Richard W. Paul and Linda Elder is an excellent book on the subject and will give you some insight into thinking about thinking.

In Loving Kindness