Friday, June 21, 2013

Bulimia, Addictions, Seeing Clearly


Seeing clearly and/or my fear of seeing clearly

I think and feel that bulimia keeps me from seeing clearly


When I stop the behavior and the fog lifts

I am not always OK with I see.

Clarity of the past.
Clarity of the now.
Clarity to see future possibilities.

Clarity = some pain.

Clarity also =

Beauty in the everyday things, colors, feelings, thoughts, the last being really important to me, clarity of thought so I get to make good choices

Seeing clearly is my new goal in life.

I am starting to realize that seeing clearly is a Yin/Yang process.

I ride the waves between these two places.

Riding the waves between life and death, love and hate, up and down.

Clarity helps give the ride a perspective, it's not so emotional, more experiential.

Ups are not so up, Downs not so down.

Clarity has not come with thinking, it comes with actions.

The actions of remission burn the fog away.

Love, Bryan