Tuesday, July 2, 2013



Lots of times on the bulimia websites and recovery sites the whole idea of faith, spirituality, religion, and how what we believe in affects our remission/recovery.

Sometimes I am asked what I "believe" in as far as my faith in a "higher power" and if that has helped me on my recovery. I usually take the time to explain to the person asking that yes I do believe in a power and it would be greater than me.

I further explain that having fought multiple addictions in my life I have no problem believing that there are greater forces than myself. You can call it whatever you want. There are so many names and in reality each name only represents a facet on the diamond of what is. What is is the diamond not the facets. It is easy to become confused.

Everything is as it is. There are no should be alternative universes, it's all just the way it is suppose to be, there is no other way in the moment. That to some extent is the manifestation of the power.

Can it change? Of course, and it does, all the time. Do we change? Sure, again all the time. So do we ask the higher power to change the universe in our favor? Well we can. I personally seriously doubt that the universe is going to change what is to influence any individual outcome. There doesn't appear to be any stacking of cards in our out of our favor.

So how do we change what is?

We don't. But, by acting in the moment we can influence what happens next. Especially within a certain locale. People, places, and things around us and the ripples go from there but progressively weaken the further from the act they go.

So whatever I do right now, will effect what happens next. 

My faith, in part, is a partnership with the universe. I act, it responds, it acts, I respond, neither I nor the universe are controlling outcome. Influence my outcome with my actions, yes. The universe is not going to influence my outcome with my actions.

Do you know what? I believe in miracles of sorts.  US. We are the miracles. We have everything. We are alive and the only one of us that is. Everyone of us is priceless by default. We experience what is second by second. We have senses that we can interact with the universe as is. And help us take the next action. We have choice within our environment and circumstances. ( don't forget our partner )

I have made the choice to not binge and purge. Nothing went in a straight line and I don't think the universe bent any rules to make that happen. I had to take positive action and make it work. I stopped using drugs and alcohol. I had to take actions to make those events work. And, continue to take actions to make sure they stayed in place.

I have a lot of faith.

In US.

In action.

In making choices in the now.

I will hold the next second as my future, I will take the actions that will provide the best future possible, I will listen when God and the universe sing their song of love and freedom and I will sing back freely and with as much love as I can, in harmony or discord, I will still sing.

Will you sing too?