Friday, February 28, 2014

Meditation, Recovery, Influences

I wanted to thank everyone for the support on this page.

I have added some links and some books that I found influential concerning my spirituality and my remission status.

Cheri Huber is an American Zen teacher although I am not sure she would call herself that exactly. Her work "There is Nothing Wrong With You" was of monumental influence on me and how I related to myself, my family, and emotional content. I did a retreat at the Monastery and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking to establish a relationship with themselves.

Anthony DeMello struck a serious chord in my heart. This man was able to simplify concepts so they became extremely assessable and easy to use in everyday life. He was the first one to give me hope that my position in life wasn't due to my drug history or family insanity. "The Way to Love" is a book I still read on a weekly basis.

Byron Katie, all I can say is that if you check out "The Work" and apply yourself life will make more sense and, I think, will explain a lot about how you see the world and what is actually happening. "A Thousand Names for Joy" is one I go back to over and over.

J. Krishnamurti is a most fascinating person. If you have a universal sense of things I highly recommend his writings. I really needed to slow down and pay close attention to his concepts. He does not hold back and states his position with passion and a directness that I admire. I have become more aware of the dynamics of my life since reading him. "Think on These Things" is well worth reading.

I owe a lot to these four individuals. My journey in remission and remaining drug free would not have been if it wasn't for these people putting it out there. My heart and spirit were given validation by the writings, concepts, thoughts, and caring of these individuals.

As always I encourage everyone to contemplate and examine everything they read, watch, or listen too.
There are things that work and things that don't. Remission is about gathering tools and listening to others who have been on the same pathway.

Let's continue to explore together.

In Loving Kindness

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