Monday, February 24, 2014

Spirituality, Fun, and it all Matters.

Hey you!!
I went to a sitting group Sunday in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
I was reminded of a few things while I was there that has been a real motivator on my spiritual journey.
We laugh and sometimes cry on this journey.
And I have noticed that when we are laughing it is usually is at ourselves.
And we laugh a lot.
I have noticed that when I am laughing it automatically brings me into the present.
It's hard to think and laugh at the same instant.
Awareness, the spiritual journey, seeking anything should be fun and have some laughs.
If not what's it really worth?
All of my "teachers" have had a really great awareness of humor.
When I sat at Stillpoint in Detroit Jerri Larkin was the guiding teacher.
She was awesome in the humor department and a very wise woman. She has an innate sense of when humor needs to be applied.
I learned a lot from her.

Susan reminded me Sunday that it's all valuable.
We cannot discover something unless we are working against the "contrast."
When we start to label it leads nowhere, but when we just become interested in the process it leads everywhere.

Finally on the way home it really hit me that you can't let go of something unless you know what it is.
You can't attain anything unless you know what it is.
So we need to experience all the so called lows and highs.
The universe lends us everything we need to know what to let go of and what we really want.

I was in a Monastery in California one summer and the group was having a discussion under the stars one night.
It was one of those topics like what happens after you die?
I was listening because I don't see much value in pure opinion type discussions.
I noticed our teacher sitting across from me gazing at the fire.
After 15 or twenty minutes of discussion someone asked her what she thought.
She stood up, brushed herself off, and said:
" I guess this proves that intelligence is highly over rated as a coping mechanism." and walked off.
I am still laughing about that.

In Loving

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