Saturday, March 9, 2013

The whole hole.

Hi everyone and welcome!

The whole hole.
It's there, inside of each and everyone of us.
It's ancient, with us since we have been here.
Humans are "doughnut shaped" we are born with a hole in the middle.
An emptiness that quietly haunts us or claws at us begging to be filled.
The hole asks questions late at night and early in the morning.
Sometimes simple questions. "Why does he hate me?"
Sometimes vast questions. "What am I here for?"
It speaks to us in a voice that calls us "you."
Who in my head would call me "you?" The hole.

We perceive we are in pain, it hurts whenever loss, or the winds of time, or unfulfilled needs, or old age sweep through the hole.
Perhaps the need to fill the hole drives our addictions, and hatred, and wars. 
Humans are problem solvers. Fixers. We want the hole to be filled. Make it go away. 

I have the answer. Here is what we need to do.


We need the hole.

The only problem with the hole is we think we aren't supposed to have a hole.

You see. No one bothered to tell us that it's a natural part of us. Everyone was too busy trying to make it go away. The hole is as natural as the wind, sky, moon, stars, and sun. The hole, the feelings it generates, drives us to create.

We create art, and vast architecture, and space flight, roller coasters, ice cream, chocolate, music and movies, jokes, humor, have sex, cry, sing the blues, and sit in the middle of serene deserts, contemplate and meditate, sing, mime and sign, wonder, think, and blink, and howl at the moon, we persevere, and do the impossible.

See, what would we be?
Who and what would we be, without our hole.

Maybe, the next time that wave of sad that comes and goes appears. Smile at it. Smile with it. Know that it is a part of you that makes you, YOU. Embrace the hole. Stop struggling and fighting against it. You are fighting you! You will only be at peace by accepting the hole and riding the wave. It will create it's own energy and propel you to the places you need to be.

You are it. I love you for that.
Love, Bryan

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