Friday, May 24, 2013

Cancer/Bulimia/Recovery and the Wall


Recently I had someone cut me out of their life.


No contact, no response, no explanation, no anything.

Just a fuck you, .period

It hurts and I admit I really hate them for that.


I also realized how fake this all is.

And thank you Sharon.

So called caring about each other.

We don't really care do we?

I sat with a Mom who lost her three year old to cancer.

And listened to her talk on the phone.

It's over she said.


She has to get on with her life.


I will always love anyone I said "love" to.


I would be at your back if you needed me.


Very careful with you words.

Don't lie OK?

We try to bridge the gap that cannot be bridged.

We call it love,

Don't ever lie to me about loving.

It may be the illusion that keeps me alive.

I am going to say this because I mean it..

Love, Bryan

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