Friday, April 12, 2013

Aliens and remission.


I don't much get it here.

Really I don't.

Here is where I live.

I am a cutter who doesn't cut.

I am an alcoholic who doesn't drink.

A junkie who doesn't use.

I am addicted to food.


That part, like being addicted to air or water.

Addicted to people. (I won't admit that to anyone, please don't tell anyone I said that. )

People I know say one thing and do another.


Tell me the "Truth."

Depending on their chemical balances at the time of intercourse. ( See, its not always about sex.)

I am an alien.

I don't want to live here,

But, I don't want to die.


The only, one and only way out, is through it. 


The rest of you are here with me. 

See, I am OK. I have you.


Family at the outer edge of what I suspect really "Is." 

Talk to me,

Love, Bryan


  1. Well,
    This is familiar. I totally grasp addiction to food, people & alcohol. Food is a tough one, can't live without it.

    1. I agree.
      I is like having a water or air addiction.
      Like any addiction can be be reversed into a state of remission.
      Love, Bryan

  2. Think I might be addicted to being loved too?

    As far as all my research has taught me,
    Addiction appears when we don't get enough Love.

    We survive on the littlest scraps we can grab onto or find when we are small, then find the other things to fill the deficit.
    Self abuse
    Drugs & alcohol

    And, FALSE love, the kind I don't really trust. The love I have to earn, by constant work to keep their approval, to stay as 'safe' as I can.

    By love
    I mean the kind that makes a person feel safe, and valued. But they kind of go hand in hand.

    All these deficit reduction strategies are doomed to fail.

    Are self destructive

    Im still working on a solution, one thing is for sure, I need to kick those strategies out & fill them with real safe love.

    How is the tricky part.